Looking for sellers


I have an investor looking to buy more mobile home communities in Wisconsin and he is in the middle of doing a 1031 tax exchange, can anyone help??


it should be easy as i think everyone is a buyer or at least they should be and inflated prices but you know how that works…patients and you will pick off the wounded. happens every time…this time its different


sorry i misunderstood the questions…charge him a PF Adjusted per synergies Cap Rate. If you are good you get it to a 4 x cap, maybe 3x if in Madison…studies show Madison people pay the the bills faster, work harder, don’t drink or do drugs and may very well help you to manage the park for free. that is of course if you paint the fence green and root for the packers (this may be adjustable based on Wisconsins Football success). Buy those parks up…liquid gold IMO