Looking for a passive investor to help with down payment will pay interest



This post generated a lot more activity then I initially expected! I have found the help I was looking for, if it falls through I will repost thanks!


Lots of folks here might be interested in a joint venture if they can share in the profits and tax benefits. If all you are offering is interest, not so much. Investors aren’t lenders in most case…we’re investors!


I understand completely! Ya I figured I would test the waters a little bit. Actually have quite a bit of interest. Its kind of surprising…and inspiring.


Congratulations, then! This is another example of how there is just SOOOO much money in residential real estate, including MHPs, these days. I think it’s from savings and bond interest rates being so low for so long that the old, safe money has been looking for yield for the past several years. Mine included, as I’ve been a private money lender lately. While it makes for great times in the industry, I’ve already seen how this movie ends.