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I’m looking for a mentor to take my business to the next level. I own several multi-families and 1 MHP and looking to grow. I work a day job and my goal would be to transition out over the course of the next year to full time real estate. Not only through MHP but any real estate strategies. Looking for somebody that has a good amount of parks under their belt and can give me some guidance on growing my business through prospecting for deals, assignments, and syndication.

Please let me know if your open to discussing.




In a situation like this you’ll have the best outcome by adding value to someone who plays real estate at a high level. My suggestion would be to identify the niche you’d most like to specialize in (I say “specialize” because I believe people are more successful when they master a specific niche vs. dabbling in several different niches). If that niche is MHP’s, then identify one or two industry events to attend and start networking with people who invest in MHP’s at a high level. Explain to them you want to enter a mutual relationship where you can help them advance their success in return for them giving you some guidance. For example, you can start a mailing campaign and send any deal that’s too big for you to swallow to them. In return that person can pull back the curtain on the inner workings of their business model and their path to where they are today. Or perhaps you could link up with a syndicator and help raise funds in exchange for a piece of the general partnership. Then you’ll have a front row seat to how syndiation is done. At any rate, just focus on adding value to others who you’d like to emulate and the results will follow.

Good luck!


Dude, just wanted to say congrats on having the balls to take things to the next level! If you don’t get anyone solid on here replying, you can seek out Kevin Bupp or Jefferson Lilly. They both have very successful MHP funds and are always looking for people like yourself to partner with. There are many ways to contribute to a partnership. I haven’t yet spoken to Jefferson, but I can personally vouch for Kevin as an awesome resource and very hungry and eager to grow. Him and his partner Charles partner with people all the time.


@heat685 - my business partner and I have been in the industry for a few years now. We own 5 parks of 650 pads, several I co-own with large operators. Others, I own with my investors. Happy to help talk through anything that I’ve come across. My email is thearchimedesgroup@gmail.com.


Always remember: Ask not what your mentor can do for you. Ask what you can do for your mentor. What is it YOU bring them? How are you going to make your mentor’s life easier?


Happy to discuss your goals and how I can help
I have worn all the hats as owner, property manager for others(ELS) and dealer/ broker on West Cosst and Midwest with 25 parks bought sold managed.
James Rueter 805-815-8105


Thanks for all the good follow up guys! I’ll follow up offline with those that reached out to offer up some help.