Lonnie/Investors selling rent to own in Park pros and cons

What are the pros and cons letting a MH investor fix and sell MH’s on ‘rent to own’ in your Park? NOT a large number of homes either.

Pros for me are:
I get my money like clockwork every month, regardless if the unit is occupied,
If I have problems with the tenant - I send the notice to the lonnie dealer and let him fix it - less emotional involvement than dealing with a tenant
homes are generally cleaned up at the start
lesser control over tenants
a little tougher rent negotiations

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Does anyone have contracts for Lonnie dealers or contractors to bring homes in? Any idea if theres something in the reference library…I didnt see it.

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Maybe I don’t understand. When a Lonnie dealer brings a home in, it is just a lease with a sublease option. No special contract. They are just a tenant to me that happens to be able to sublet.