List of banks that provide park financing (purchase or refi)


I’m wondering if there is a list of banks that provide MHP loans? Obviously the financial brokers have that list, but how do we access it?

George Allen concluded that BOA, Chase, Citi and Wells probably have 70% of the market, but it would be great to be able reach out to smaller banks that are very familiar with MHP lending.

Any advice welcome, thank you!


Try @VMFCommercialLending - Kurt Wilkerson might be able to help you.


Vanderbilt can look at loans in the $1mm plus range. Please visit our website!

Thanks, Snick!


Thx Mr. VMF… I’m interested in your products, but right now I’m after the banks y’all work with. Is that something you are willing to share?



We are a lender not a broker.


Check out You can search for type of loan, amount ranges, etc and provides a list of lenders covering all types of loans and contact info.


@TransactLand Thank you Steven! Quick question, any idea how to filter through banks that do MHP instead of just commercial loans in general?

Thank you


Ok, I found the list of Scotsman multifamily banks that do MHP loans, but there are only 15 or so. Any other recommendations?


Check between the commercial and the multifamily options within the lender category. You can also check the hard money lenders (most of which won’t do a mobile home park). Otherwise its the local banks around town.


If you are looking for a local bank, find the community first then reach out to all the banks in the area. You just have to find one to do the deal.