Is it worth joining MHP association?


This question is directed to the entire forum community but I am also interested to hear from someone who owns the park in NY State since the park I purchased recently is in NYS.

Any significant value to be a member of the MHP Association? I found this one in NYS but when I called them just to see what they can offer and how do they help members I was not impressed. Perhaps I am looking at the wrong site or talking to the wrong people. Any other sites that forum members can recommend, especially in NYS, which are more useful and informative?

As usually thanks in advance.


I am anxiously waiting for a reply to this as I have been thinking about joining the Mobile Home Association here in MN. Wondering if the benefits are worth the expense to a park owner.


In my experience with the Michigan Association, hands down yes

I’d recommend going to the events as well, especially if you are new to the industry


I would say YES! Our association keeps us in the loop with new/updated laws, potential new laws, connections with other owners/managers, quarterly meetings, annual conventions and a lot more.