Is it okay to advertise MHPs for sale on this forum?


Is it okay to advertise MHPs for sale on this forum? I’m not a broker. Thinking about selling one of my own parks.

@brandon_reynolds Brandon, could you please let us know?

Thank you!


please email me

people wholesale/assign properties and look for partners on here all the time


If you do make the post, absolutely put as much detail as possible. This will reduce the amount of messages in your inbox that ask clarifying questions.


I’ve seen parks advertised here by park owners from time to time. You can also use to get the word out.


I am really interested to buy! Please send info about your park to

Thank you!


Shoot me an email with the details at



Please send any info regarding parks you would like to sell to my email address. (
I am an investor - not a broker.



@Mitchell_Holder @dannpakk @peakbleu @tmperrault @Dominic730 @groenerm

Thank you for your feedback and interest. I will let you know as soon as I decide to sell.


I’m interested as well at Thanks!



You are welcome to post any deals, wholesale leads, assignment deals or other leads here. This is welcomed by all members!



@brandon_reynolds thanks Brandon!