Insuring a distressed park, help needed asap

Hello, I am looking at buying a distressed park. The income/expenses/price all make sense… only thing is that it has been neglected for some time (potholes, overgrown trees, abandoned homes, the usual). I want to make sure I can insure it before I buy it but no one is biting so far. Does anyone know of an insurance company that either specializes in this kind of thing or has experience insuring distressed parks? Ive looked at a lot of parks as I’m sure most of you have and I’m wondering how do the ones in rough shape get insurance? Please don’t be shy I am all ears!

Have you called Kurt Kelly mobile Insurance?

They insured our somewhat distressed park. It it was $1500 more because it was distressed but fantastic coverage.

Good luck!


Yes they were the first phone call I made. The agent I spoke with said she called anyone and everyone she knew including a couple companies that are somewhat known for insuring distressed parks but no luck. I’m trying a local agency that is familiar with the area/park right now hoping I can get something going my way. Anyone else you can think of I’m all ears!

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We have used local for another park that was a little more on the distressed side. It worked for the time being but not as much protection from certain things that mobile insurance tries to get for you. Being that it is a local company I don’t know if that would help you?

Who did the prior owner have their insurance through?
Could you just go with that same agent?

I’ve thought about that, and I wish I could, but it was not insured

Have you investigated seeing if you can assume the Seller’s policy as a holdover until you clean up the park?

That was one of the first things I thought to do, but it is not insured

Mark Fay from USAIG provided us a quote recently for a large park expansion project. He’s been good to work with I’d suggest giving his group a try.

I will first thing in the morning thank you!

Try this guy. He helped me with tow parks I am buying like that. Not sure if he sells policies outside of Pennsylvania though.’

Steve Faus, CIC, CLU



Come visit us at


2990 Mount Joy Road

Manheim, PA 17545

Phone: 717-665-2770

Fax: 717-665-4493


Thank you I sure will!

We received a quote from NREIG for our very distressed park. We ended up going with a policy from Integrity Insurance which is local here in KC.

Good luck. I’m sorry we couldn’t help. Sometimes a local commercial specialty insurance agent is best for the really distressed properties. Good luck! And call if you’d like me to review anything you find. I’ll be happy to consult in any event. Kurt

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