Insurance to Cover Abandoned MH in MHP



New here and new to MHP ownership

Assisting family member with MHP landlord duties

MHP land is owned and lots are rented. No ownership of MHs. MHP is in Alabama.

Inquiring if there is any type of insurance/surety available that would assist with the costs associated when a tenant abandons a MH.


Not that I’m aware of.

Your best bet would be to apply for an abandoned title, and then once you get title insure the unit and hire a licensed contractor to fix it up.


Generally speaking, no. Loss of income coverage with extra expense will cover tenant owned home debris when caused by wind, fire, etc, but not abandonment. There are some coverage forms that also include some limited stand alone tenant owned home debris removal coverage, but again, they usually don’t trigger coverage when the cause is abandonment. Insurance is good for coverage a lot of things, but home abandonment usually isn’t one of them.