Installing mobile homes in the middle of winter in Wisconsin


So the homes that we were expecting before the winter are arriving next week. We are exploring options for installing homes in the dead winter in Wisconsin with frozen ground. We are looking at options like helical piles instead of concrete piles.

Does anyone have experience installing homes in frozen ground in cold weather? I would love to get some pointers.


As it has been a mild winter up until now my guess is you wouldn’t have a huge issue getting things done.

The best way to handle frozen ground is renting a ground thaw machine. (Google it)

Should be thawed in 2-3 days.


Not yet @jae - but why don’t you ask me what park owner in Wisconsin last month was stupid enough to design himself a heated, insulated “outdoor painting tent” to actually paint the outside of mobile homes all winter long. Ask me (oops, I mean my friend - I would never be that dumb) how that went. 'Cause just remodeling interiors during the winter would be too easy.


@Corbay, we will have 16x76 homes installed, which includes foundation installation - digging for piles, concrete slabs, or frost-free foundation design. Are there thawing machines or thaw blanket that big? It would also consume huge amount of energy.


@Corbay, Sorry, I was thinking infrared heater, not thaw machines. I will look into it. Thanks for the info. Do you have experience using it? Does the ground become a muddy mess when you thaw?