Indiana MHP Financing


Hi, my name is Adam Sexton. After taking a brief break from MHP lending due to acquiring new branches, we are financing MHP’s again. up to 75% LTV for purchase or refi. I am currently refinancing 4 parks and would like to do more if the numbers are solid. I am just posting in case I can help someone with financing. I can do any type of commercial loan in Indiana. Our internal limit is 1.5 million. If it is not much higher than that, I could seek a participant for the additional funding. My email is and the office number is 765-793-2237.

Thank you,
Adam Sexton


Hi Adam,

Can you share your loan terms (rate, recourse or non recourse, term, etc.)?


Up to 20 years on a 5/1 or 5/5 ARM, rates depend on quality of the deal. On average, probably 4.5%-5%.


@adamsexton shoot me an email if you pass your internal limit. We would be open to adding funds if you get some good leads.