I'm looking at an "RV and mobile home park" atm. Are RV lots permitted for only RVs?


Is the only reason a mobile home can’t legally move in, due to it not fitting on the RV lot or are there lots only permitted for RVs? If I can, I’d like to combine some lots and make this a mobile home park.


Get familiarized with zoning, setbacks, and grandfathering. Lots of threads on this forum about all of these topics.

The old MHP’s had smaller lots because mobile homes were basically big RV’s back then. Over time they got bigger and less mobile and today’s product is what you have. Some people will work with the city to re-define the lots sizes for their Park, but typically they will ask you to forego your grandfathering status and get the park up to city ordinance standards in exchange, which is an expensive proposition that would greatly influence your decision to proceed.

Good luck.


Depends on state law. In California, a mobilehome cannot go on an RV space, but an RV can go on a mobilehome space.

But PARK MODEL RVs can go on RV spaces, and in California, those are defined as 400 square feet or less, licensed by the DMV. There are really well built park models that are better construction than many older stick-built single family homes. So those are a great alternative for RV spaces.