Im i getting robbed


I recently I’m workin for a mobile home park with 33 units all occupied (toh) I am currently making 600 a month plus rent and I am a on site on call manager maintenance man. That means I am here 24/7. And I am also a maintenance man slash manager at another one of their trailer parks as well and that’s only $600 to take care of both parks.


You are always welcome to quit. I don’t get this post


first of all the question was plain and clear.
am I being ripped off by the company that I am working for as I am a manager maintenance man for both of their trailer parks
and I only make $600 a month through this company to manage and maintain both of their parks.
thats $600 to take care of two parks.
I figured it out I’m only making $3.40 an hour.
Whats the normal pay rate.
one trailer park has 33 tenant owned trailers the other park has 20 tenant owned trailers.



It is a difficult question because we have a park with 30 residents and there is not much work in the park. Then we have another park with the same residents that has lot of work as we are rehabbing 5 homes and the tenant mix needs some TLC,etc. The payment structure is different for these parks.

You should talk with your owner and discuss what your responsibilities are and how much time it is taking. Frankly, operating an MHP for all resident owned hones shouldn’t take much time and you should be able to do this in few hours per week.

BTW, We had a manager and her husband on a 60 space park trying to make their job full time. We simply replaced them and are very happy with our new manager who works 2 hours/day and has a full time job.

Like @bhennen123 said, you can quit the job if you are not happy with the pay.

Hope this helps and all the best.


I recall one of the large park owners pays $10 per TOH to park managers, in addition to providing free Lot rent. In your case that would translate to $550 per month. This ignores maintenance.

If you think you are providing more value, then definitely discuss with the owner. I want people working for me to be fairly compensated. I suspect I am not alone in this.


Yes, you are being ripped off and compensated well below your actual value.


I would not term it “ripped off”. It is all free will. They offer this pay for this service. If you or they are unhappy, negotiate. If you can’t reach an agreement, move on to whatever market will bear. Change it.


minimum wage has some caveats, but i doubt your rental unit and pay come close to meeting minimum wage

I have a friend that worked for a self storage facility as a manager and her husband was the maintenance guy for the district. We became good friends as I was a tenant there and they shared their compensation packages complete with me. here are the rough details;

the manager ran the office 5 days a week on a split schedule for 6 day operation, 9 am to 5 pm. she made the bank runs, swept out after tenants left, rented units, etc. compensation was $1000 per month, with a 2/2 apartment where all utilities *elec, heat, water, sewage, trash), incl phone & internet, as well as security monitoring were free. plus 2 weeks vacation every year. plus she was paid mileage for bank trips using her car.

husband worked 6 days and traveled to district units. he was paid $12.50 per hour to 40 hrs, then time and half to 60 hrs, and double after that. he received vehicle allowance of $350 per month, plus fuel and corporate ins while using his truck for commute and facility maintenance. 2 weeks vacation, same time as wife.



Yeah that’s what I was thinking too cuz I do every little thing there is in this trailer park. from mowing grass to putting roofs on buildings.


Time to advertise your credentials and see who would like your expertise and than maybe see if your present employer would match or give some real incentive to stay… Check to see if the grass is greener somewhere else and smile and be a big boy!!!