Im about to start in the mobile home park business and I need your help!

      TRAILER PARK OPPORTUNITY:                                        About the last year we met a business man who is successfull in the mobile homes business owning a Mobile Home Park in Malaga a very turistic city near us. He was searching a beautifull place to open a new one. So after many many days of searching and when he was about to go my mom show him her little town where she borned. a gorgeous place near a big lake called Arenas del rey.  He loved it and wanted to start his business inmediately but we coudnt find a land near the lake in affordable price with all the land permissions required for this. So its been a year and when we were about to go on .we recieved a letter from the mayor of the town telling my mom that if we wanted we could take a land property of the town in exchange 20.000 euros/dollars a year.  This was awesome news the most beautiful land near the lake in the town just for us in a very good deal. But here starts the trouble we need to go on a public contest to earn the right of have it and my mom who is a noble person wanted to include this man and his lawyer in the business despite they are people with justice problems very ambitious and not good persons so he decided to tell te mayor split the land in  two parts one with a max of 30 mobile homes permission for us and the rest very bigger for the three.  This was and awfull mistake and the trouble I have now is that I need to convince my mom to tell the mayor to change the date and requiremts for the contest because she gave the conditions to the others . She believes we are gonna shine in sort of rainbow with them having their business near to us being bad people and very strong in the business. Maybe because I am young (24) or had bad troubles in the past (drugs mostly) she doest believes in me but I got rehab and I’m studying two grades now and I don’t know is because she is insecure person or what but we are about to loose the biggest opportunity in our lives in less than two weeks. What can i do to prove her I am a valuable worker and this is gonna cost us the future. Sorry about my english. My intention is  to build this business helping me with your experiences but I have to beat this first in addition i have spina bifida an bad vertebral disease and I need a future in one of the poorest places in Spain. Please Help


This board is about the mobile home business in he United States and all the laws will be quite different in Spain. I suggest you find a mentor in your country who can help, or perhaps a lawyer who has experience in this area.