How to structure or value buying a POH that is using a rent credit?


When buying a park obviously. Say the seller values a park owned home at 5k or they want to sell it for that price, but they’ve collected 2k in the rent credit. My thought is to have the seller finance the homes gross values into a note and have them place the rent credits in accounts for each tenant. The issue with that is both tenants and seller would have to agree in writing with how much rent credit had been accumulated (kinda tedious but I think doable). I wouldn’t want to pay them 5k for the home, and then pay for the rent credit though.

How would you deal with making sure each tenant would have their rent credit protected (so I wouldn’t be liable and they get their home) while paying the seller what they want for the park? I’m not sure if there is a standard way. I’ve done tons of research on parks and haven’t seen this situation.