How to handle a tenant behind on rent selling their home


We had a tenant who owned a 1970s mobile home who got behind on lot rent and eviction was filed.

The tenant ended up moving out and selling the home to another person.

Do you typically charge this new person the back rent that is owed on the lot, or wipe the slate clean?


I think you won’t be getting that money back without a lawsuit. I would love to hear another opinion if I’m wrong.


I’d be in the same boat as Dominic. I had a home I was trying to buy in a park and the seller was adamant she deserved the money she was asking and the park owner was adamant about receiving the lost rents from her not paying. Neither would adjust so I believe it ended in an eviction on her record and him having lost 5 months lot rents, eviction costs, and now a dumpy trailer he has to flip, sell for a few hundred, or trash all at his cost.
I think you just need to eat that cost - did a security deposit not cover it?


Why didn’t/can’t you file and get a judgment and file a lien against the home? If seller can’t convey clear title, it’s a buyer beware situation.


Your rules should include that all offers on a home be conditional on park owner approval of buyer. You need to screen any interested buyer and approve them before they can be accepted as a resident. All offers to buy must be conditional.
If a tenant is in arrears of rent you do not approve any buyer until all debts are caught up. If the sale is already completed without the buyer being approved as a resident they are not permitted to live in the home. It that situation they may choose to pay the arrears if they pass screening.
I usually take tenants to small claims court, it is a simple process and not expensive.