How to find the Bank that repossessed a park


I found a park I am very interested in, rather than take an offer that would pay off the debt and possible put a little money in his pocket, he let the bank take it back. Now the bank has it and I am wanting to know how to find out which bank has it and what do you think the best approach is to contact the bank? Also, any experience with how long a bank holds a property before they are willing to sell it?
Thanks for your help,
Leighnae Fabian


The county recorder will have this information if you’re patient enough to navigate whatever system they use.

I would just call the bank up and ask for their REO department or explain that you’re interested in purchasing a property they own. Expect to get bounced around departments some, and you may have to be persistent.


@pot, check the county’s register of deeds for the mortgage. You should be able to see who signed for the bank and reach out to them directly.