How are you filling empty lots? Licensing required?

Hello All,

I am currently in the process of locating my first MHP to purchase. I live in FL so I am looking close by and considering bordering states. I have listened to most of the MHP Mastery podcasts and have read a couple different books. Waiting for the 10/20 investment system. I still have so many questions.

I was looking at the CASH program and noticed it said I need a Manufactured Home Retailer’s License to participate. This is the first I hear of needing a license so maybe it is specific to only them. Are there any specific licenses/certificates or other that are required when you own a mobile home park in order to fill your vacant lots if you don’t have tenants bringing their own homes?

I have a park nearby that has vacant lots but the city is saying they aren’t zoned for MH/RV but a modular home can be used. I have looked at some modular homes that look very similar to the homes that are located in some of the really big and well kept parks in the area and would fit in a vacant lot as it appears. Has anyone gone with these as an option? Are you still able to charge a lot fee if someone buys that home since it is more of a permanent foundation than your typical MH?

Any advice on how you are filling lots and where I can go for some expanded education on some best practices for this would be much appreciated. Some days the MHP investing makes a ton of sense and I feel like I am on the right path and know whats going on, then others my head is spinning and I feel lost and clueless haha Thank you in advance for your time.