Hiring manager from craigslist - what qualities do you look for?


I’m looking to hire a manager from outside of the park and move them into the 70 space park, and have gotten some good responses so far from craigslist postings

This is a very broad question, but have other park owners done similar arrangements and found success with certain backgrounds and experiences in candidates?

I think my ideal candidate would be someone who just retired and is looking for part time work and something to do, but I haven’t received any applications like that yet.


Mind if I ask why you want someone from outside the park?


Hiring from inside the park would be a lot easier, but unfortunately there are no qualified candidates inside the park


We had some great resumes coming in from zip recruiter. Craigslist can be such a hit and miss, I don’t have time to wade through all the bad an unqualified ones.



Is the plan to move the new manager into the park or what is the arrangement?