Help with lot rent


_emphasized text_hello everybody ! please accept my apologies for coming into this site . but i really need some questions answered and could not find anywhere else on this dang internet to find any . so i had to come here . i saw that you all were from wicksburg and hartford ? anyhow i reside in a mobile home park near dothan , al i have been a residence of this park since 2011 and i have always been on time with my monthly payments . the lot rent started out $140 for doublewides and &70 for single wides . then someone else took over and just made everybody lot rent a flat $200 a month . To me $60 was a good jump . and i know it was for the single wide folks . anyhow we all just got a notice that they are going to raise our lot rent up to $250 a month beginning june 2019. as it is right now i am barely making each month due to the fact that i am on disability and i only get $750 a month . by the time i pay my lot rent my electric bill , my water and garbage and yes my internet . i am just about broke . this is not counting buying me food , buying the things i need such as toilet paper , soap etc. .then to pay insurance on my car and put gas in it to go to the store and dr appts . i can barely afford to make it to the dr appts . do you all think that if i made up a petition for everyone to sign at the park that it would help the landlord to not raise the lot rent .now this guy has claimed that they have made improvements around the park . to tell you the truth all they have done is grade the dirt roads and made more of a mess then it was before they did that . and not only that but here’s the big one there was a huge gulley on the park where they have thrown in tires , tv’s , refrigerators , all kinds of things you name it . well one night they had a huge fire and burned it down as good as they can get it . then after the fire died down they took tractors and bulldozers and covered the huge hole up. isn’t that a health hazard with all that stuff in the ground ??? . i was not the only person that saw them do this quite a few people did . i really don’t want to start any trouble but i cannot afford to pay that much for lot rent and i know that the rest of the people in the park cannot either . we are poor people and we don’t have nice houses and cars , trucks and boats like the owner does so what can we do ?? please reply to me asap. thank you


Hello Taffy,

You should speak with the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission about your rights as a consumer in your state to understand if you have any alternatives, and additionally any housing subsidies available for your situation. Good luck!