Have you ever surveyed tenants?

I’m an out of state owner and would like to get some data on what is important to tenants, and what they think about the manager and the community. Have you ever surveyed your tenants? What did you ask, and did you surface any surprises?

Yes I have. The biggest surprise for me was multiple years in a row the manager I was ho hum about was very popular with the residents and really appreciated.

For nicer parks that I’m fine tuning I’ve found it valuable. For rougher turnaround parks I don’t usually bother.

If you have resident emails it’s fairly easy to do through surveymonkey.com


@Noel_S honestly a survey showing residents loved the manager would be cause for concern haha.


I think it depends. If the residents love the manager because the manager lets them do whatever, I agree. If the residents love the manager because the manager goes out of their way to help people, address their concerns, and provide good and reasonable customer service, I think that’s a benefit.


Just send all your residents your mailing address. If they have problems that needs to be addressed they will contact you.

You are just asking for a huge complaint log by doing a survey.

I always tell my staff.
“I expect someone to be mad at you all the time, but I never want everyone to be mad at you at one time.
If everyone likes you then your are not doing your job properly.”