Has anyone actually used Purchasing Platform?

I hear from Frank Rolfe about how great Purchasing Platform is, but has anyone on here actually used them before? I tried to try them but found their shopping and ordering process archaic so never actually purchased anything. Is it worth the effort??


I recently signed on but about 90% of the things I looked at say “submit inquiry for price quote”. How does that help if needs are immediate? The few items I did find that we can use are priced about 10% lower than Home Depot or Lowes.

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I had a similar experience. They took days for a quote and they claimed to be cheaper but it was clear that they just marked things up 3%. Several vendors told me to just contact them direct. Very disappointed with Purchasing Platform’s user (unfriendliness) - it feels like the website was developed in 1980.

I am anxious to hear peoples experiences also. I have a demo setup for tomorrow with them…
If it’s not easy, it’s not worth me or my handyman’s time…

Would be very interested to hear your experiences after the demo. Jury seems like it is still out on whether it is worth the time and effort to deal with them…

The demo was what i expected. They just have a website similar to amazon. Most products have prices, some you have to request quotes. They do not have an App, which I don’t like. They said they are supposed to have an app down the road… The demo was what I expected. I’m still on the fence about whether it would be worth trying…

my experience has been the same as the others on this post. Many products require you to get a quote which takes days to just get the price. We use capital supply for a lot off our MH parts and whenever we would check with purchasing platform for a product, they were just calling capitol and getting the price from them and it was never cheaper than if we went directly with capitol .

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I have used them a few times.
I bought a range and dishwasher. It came from home depot. I saved a few bucks.

I needed some specialty Goulds pumps. I gave them the specs. 2 weeks later they were not able to get me what I needed. It was a pain. I ended up buying from my local guy.

I just got a quote for a 30" black stainless, slide in Samsung Range. I got a great delivered price. It has not been delivered yet. Saved at least $100.00 on that one. It was special order and the quote took a day or two. It’s coming from Home Depot.

One thing that I found to be a deal was Soda. I got a great delivered price!

Ordering directly on Amazon or Home Depot is easier. They are basically just a middle man and the overall savings are modest.