Growing your portfolio

Maybe not a great question to post here , you are welcome to PM a response, if you’d like for confidentiality.

Just looking to see how did you " grow" . I know some people have taken the syndication route, where they pool funds and acquire.

Im looking to see how did you grow without outside funds or maybe limited funds.

I have heard some operators have borrowed initial down payment, then go do a turnaround, refi, and cash out to get their people their money back plus interest.

Or you have a business not related to MH or perhaps that runs in tandem with MH that fuels the acquisition machine.

Or refi and roll… if you went this route, did you do a more conservative approach , heavy on leverage. Did you get burned or just ran from the fire quick enough to live and tell about it?

My intent of this question is to gain perspective.

I have seen brokers roll their commission into 10% ownership share on deals and help buyer manage. Gradually growing their portfolio and share of profits or sale proceeds

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