Grandfathering assistance in Florida


Anyone know a good attorney to use for a grandfathering issue with a city? Park is in Highlands county and the city zoning position is standard. Once you take homes out you can’t put new ones in because it is zoned R1. Park is over 50 years old and has operated as a park consistently. Is licensed through the state health department, has city utilities directed bill to residents from the city and the city has renewed the parks business license every year.


I would contact the FMHA to get the best recommendation, but this law firm is very involved in the industry.


I’ll check them out. Appreciate it!


David Eastman is the best in FL. 850-521-0890


I’ll give him a call. I did talk to Scott Gordon at their firm. Seemed knowledgeable but the deal may be a bit small for them. $160k sales price but potential to be a million dollar property. Thanks for the referral!


Spoke with David today. Seems great! Thanks again for the referral!


You’re welcome!



Please share any updates?


Attorney is going through city ordinances this week and will update me by Friday on findings.