Grandfather Dogs?

First time park owner with a question on dogs in park. We have a 54 space park within city limits and during due diligence it became apparent there were larger dogs and even vicious breeds within the park. When we talked to previous owner, he said that they have never had any issues with the dogs. We kept the current park insurance policy and there is no concern with the policy carrier regarding vicious breeds. In our attempt to engage a new policy through Kurt Kelly and Mobile Insurance, we were told they would not even give us a quote with these dogs in the park.

These tenants are stable and have lived there for years and if we come in with current policy of no vicious breeds of dogs or over 15 pounds, we will have tenants leave. Is there a way to grandfather in such dogs but not allow any new dogs while requiring owners of these breeds to show proof of liability insurance pertaining to these dogs?What have you guys done with this situation in the past? Did I mention there is only 1 POH in the park, so we are not wanting to start over with tenants leaving.

Thanks for your feedback.


I have grandfathered dogs in the past when purchasing parks. I just put it in the first newsletter that no new dogs over X lbs will be allowed.
Make sure you get a proper tally of the ones that are already in the park.

Kurt Kelly refusing to give a quote is a clear indication that you should be getting rid of all vicious/dangerous breeds in the park.
Are there children in the park, if so you will be OK until there is a incident. After that your life will change.


I have some pit bulls in one of my parks.
Park rules state no blacklisted Breeds as a “PET”.
I did explain to my insurance agent that the people with Blacklisted Dogs do not have pets. Rather they are Emotional support animals.

I would had out the blacklisted list and tell everyone they need to get rid of their dogs. You will be surprised how many “emotional support” animal Doctor’s notes you will get.

Here’s the list:

Pit Bull Terriers
Staffordshire Terriers
German Shepherds
Presa Canarios
Chows Chows
Doberman Pinschers
Cane Corsos
Great Danes
Alaskan Malamutes
Siberian Huskies

Hi Kenvan,

I apologize for the management headache. Welcome to becoming a multi-family property manager. Mobile Insurance offers coverage via park specialty insurance companies that are agreeable to grandfathering in current animals/ dogs that are over 35 lbs and NOT any of the listed breeds and have not bitten anyone in the past. However, making exceptions for viscious breeds will turn out to be a mistake most of the time and insurers simply won’t agree to those exceptions. If a park owner allows them and an insurance inspector notices it on a routine visit, the owner will get a note requesting the animal be removed with a further note that if you don’t, your coverage will be cancelled - no hard feelings. Once your coverage is cancelled for failure to comply with insurance company recommendations, we welcome you to the Lloyds of London/ Surplus Lines insurance company world of high rates and low coverage reserved for “troubled” risks. I recommend you stay out of there.

And as Greg noted, you can’t (and your insurance company doesn’t) remove any animal (other than one that has proved to be agressive toward humans) with official emotional support animal or service dog status. To prove this status, require the tenant to sign our Affirmation / Forms Tab ( - Service or Emotional Support Animal letter from tenant to management - AND supply you with a annual note from their medical provider that the animal is a medical necessity.

Call or email if you want to visit more.


Thanks for all your feedback. We will be enforcing no vicious breeds of dogs.
Appreciate the input.