Gorgeous boxes - we could have these if we demand they be built


Bronze and wood siding inspirations:

Contemporary metal siding examples:


I don’t know. They look dark and depressing to me. To each his own.

Again, will our lower-middle-class tenants pay extra for good exterior design? I don’t believe so.


Okay imagine them in lighter tones lol. Tough crowd! As for the customers - go back in time 25 years and try to tell me they’d be demanding smart phones, eating sushi in the heart land, shopping at fast fashion megastores like H&M that knock off couture at cut-throat prices, and shopping by the millions at IKEA - which slings sophisticated Scandinavian design at Kmart prices. Tell me back then that 450,000 people would plonk down $1,000 each to buy a $35,000 electric car a year before it was even built. I’d send you to a psychiatric facility if you made all those predictions. But times change.

We have a generation of youth raised on aesthetic-sophistication-as-mass-entertainment:

HGTV, Food Network - game shows where child and adult chefs compete feverishly to make the craziest food live. 24/7 “news” about interior design. These are household words as common as NASCAR.


Your target market will never agree to live in MH communities. That is the reason there are is a air head community plunking down high dollars for custom built high end tiny homes. These people do not want to live in communities of MHs if they did they would be spending half the money on twice the amount of “tiny home”.
The problem with your scenario is you are trying to target the wrong demographic.


Bingo. If they could make MH cheaper they would. Fancy costs more. Hardy siding is a good product and engineered standard products are going to be cheaper than special order with special handling required and quality control etc. Modular housing comes in more shapes and sizes, but still built assembly line style. The pictures posted look nice because they’re visually striking – because it’s not generic low end high volume stuff. It’s low volume nicer stuff and it’s going to cost more and demand higher return this higher pricing all through the supply chain. Hence, tiny homes cost 4x as much per square foot as MH. If you want to trick out your MH with nicer siding by all means do it, but I don’t know which market wants to pay the premium for that. Maybe the returns are better, per dollar invested. Maybe, but I doubt it.