Gate Kept Open - hopefully not a stupid question

Im guessing others have run into this before: Our park has an entrance from the main road but its a very ugly lead up to the park.

I want to block that off and make the main entrance the nicer back way, but im worried about fire trucks or emergency vehicles not being able to enter that way and have to go back out on the busy main road to get around.

If there is no lock, I think its inevitable that someone will prop this open so that it stays open defeating the whole purpose.

Does it seem ok to lock the main road entrance, or is there an alternative im not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


I would check with the local Fire Department and get a Knox Lock, it’s a heavy duty padlock that Fire Department has the keys to. You will not get a key, so you can place another lock thru the hasp and you will be able to open the gate as needed, and the fire department can access the gate in an emergency. Don’t give them a key to your lock as they will not want or be able to keep it secured. Check with their Inspection Dept. ,(Fire) , to access the needed information as far as marking the entrance as a Fire Lane and keeping it unblocked for access. Good luck. RFH


Brilliant! Just the answer I was looking for.

Thanks so much!

Glad I could help. I’m a retired fire inspector and we delt with gates and access problems all the time. It’s just what goes on and it’s no big deal… The lock will come with some sticker shock, they are very expensive but it solves the problem today. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes. RFH

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