Force a Natural Gas Conversion on New Park Tenants?


Does anyone have experience with natural gas in their parks? I am thinking about requiring new mobile homes that come into a park to have natural gas appliances or make them do a conversion. The idea is that I’ll sell it to the tenant as a reduction of expenses and then mark up the lot rent slightly to get more money in my pocket. My questions are this:

  1. Has anyone had experience with natural gas in their parks, and how has that experience been?

  2. What is the cost of a natural gas conversion in a mobile home, and does anyone know of anyway for people to finance or any government/incentive programs for conversion available to ease the initial cost for prospective tenants?

  3. Do natural gas appliances(mainly heat, water heater, and oven) cost much more than electric when initially purchasing the individual appliances?

The park is in the Upstate of South Carolina, and it will be sub-metered and direct billed if that matters.


I have one tenant on natural gas and had a laundry room on natural gas. I shut down the laundry room when the gas prices almost doubled and made the tenant go to direct billing. If/when her house ever moves out… I will not allow natural gas in my park at all. When I buy a used home I convert everything to electric… even though it means gutting out the walls to do it and rewire the house. I only use licensed electricians and it’s just safer in my opinion.


@Jsmith Any reason who you go away from Natural gas? It is cheaper for the tenant.

I see a lot of people going away from natural gas, and using only electric, but haven’t seen a concrete reason why people are going away from it. Anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks!


@zbradigan , as per your post:

  • “Does anyone have experience with natural gas in their parks?”
  • “The park is in the Update of South Carolina and it will be sub-metered”

My Husband and I own:

  • Mobile Home Park
  • South Carolina - Near Coast
  • Acreage: Over 10 Acres
  • Electricity: Overhead Lines - Direct Billed To Tenant From Utility Company
  • Gas: Buried Lines - Direct Billed To Tenant From Utility Company

Since both the Electricity and Gas are directly billed from the Utility Company, having Gas is fine.

The only snag is that the Gas Lines are buried and it is like a treasure hunt to find them.

We like to dig at our Mobile Home Park. :grinning:

We have lots of fun projects such as Mobile Homes moving in (with tie downs) and drainage projects.

Thus, we put in a lot of 811 Dig Requests.

The subcontractor for the Gas Company comes out and sprays one are for the Gas Lines. However, the next time that the exact same Gas subcontractor comes out and sprays another totally different area for Gas Lines.

Thankfully, we are finally narrowing down the location of the Gas Lines.

In addition we have only a handful of Mobile Homes that use Gas.

All the newer Mobile Homes use all electric in the Mobile Homes for HVAC, Ranges and Hot Water.

We wish you the very best!!


@zbradigan Our gas company raised the rates so high it actually isn’t cheaper for natural gas and my park is in a climate where we only use a heater a few days of the year. I also prefer the safety of electric appliances as opposed to gas or propane appliances. Tenants do not always care as much about park safety as you do.