Florida Operators

Is it common for operators to market themselves as 55+ parks but legally it turns out are not? I’m working on one that legally appears not to be 55+ but they have a sign saying 55+ community right by the office. Not sure how kosher this is.

Any recommended FL MHP attorneys?

I think it happens more than most people suspect. The fix is relatively easy. You just need to conduct a census of your residents, and ensure that at least one resident per home is 55+ in greater than 80% of the homes. Take a photo or scan a copy of their proof of date of birth.

David Eastman of Lutz Bobo Telfair is great.

Very helpful, thank you!

Age discrimination is totally illegal in housing so be careful. If you are not legally a 55+ community then your sign is begging for a lawsuit. Depending on your state you will have to verify.