Finding an investor


Hello to all,
I am looking to team up with an investor to purchase an MHP, (the investment would be going to the closing cost of the park). I am curious to know what are some ways one can go about finding an investor? Also, what are some intriguing terms that will catch an investors eye?

Thank you in advance!


@Emmanuel - We’ve gone this exactly thought process several times. We are about to run out of capital with my current investment partner. Therefore, we reached out to several other investment groups (private equity, family office, HWNs). The conversations all end the same. Investor groups all talk in generalities and how they want exposure. Everyone claims they don’t want any involvement and it will be a win-win for everyone involved. However, nothing gets accomplished. It’s more mental masturbation than anything.

The solution is to find a real deal and then talk to investment groups. Then people can actually work through the numbers and make serious headway. Good to setup initial interactions but don’t waste too much time until you have something in hand.

Just been our experience…


@ArchimedesGrp I have been hearing that more often than none, “Find a Great Deal, then talk to an Investor!” Thank you for your time and knowledge.


Try pitching it to Park St Partners…Jefferson Lilly used to post on here.