Filling vacancies -> Move in Specials? Paying for Transport


I noticed there is a shortage of quality used mobile homes for filling park vacancies. Also dealers won’t work with our parks to sell newer mobile anymore. Since buying, renovating, moving, selling and then financing mobiles is so time consuming, has anyone ever tried paying for tenants to move their mobile homes into your park? Such as in some kind of move in special?

Seems like there is a lot of benefit to this since you don’t have to worry about:
-Financing homes
-Having P.O homes (Since it would be tenant-owned)

  • Having to buy & sell the homes

I was thinking of paying $15k for someones move and set-up costs since they have a newer double-wide. Has anyone done this? And if so how much are you willing to cover if paying for someones move?


Do what you can. Find out the demand, find out what others are offering and offer better for hopefully a better product.

Right now we offer free rent every other month instead of paying for the move. And utility hookups ( but you are supposed to stay in the park x number of years to offset this.

15k is way too high… Seems like doublewide should be 5-6k for transport and install ( again depending on variables, location, market etc)

I would rather do this model any day of the week if you can .

Why not see if the dealer will setup the home in your park and you don’t charge him lot rent . Also help them in any way you can. Can you offer to pay for a deck in front at your expense?


How do you find reliable transport companies? I was thinking it might be worth it just because the double wide is so new. But if its that high then maybe we will pass. When it comes to filling an empty space (with a tenant owned home) what upfront costs do you usually expect to pay?


I always like getting referrals from the dealers . Start their, do a search for movers, if your state licenses, them cross reference the names of licensees with google . If you have this deal , def try to make it work but that 15k sounds really out of line. Maybe if it includes a poured concrete foundation, elevation in the air 10 feet, full decks, utilities then 15k . But thats higher than an extortionist . You might consider calling in a circle of 2 -3 hours or another metro within a few hours if you cant get a competing bid locally