Fencing Options


I am planning to put up new fencing around parts of a park as the existing chain link fence is in disrepair. In addition there is a community center next door and lots of debris (e.g. soda cups) gets blown into the park and tenant’s yards so having a solid fence can help keep some of that out.

I searched through the forums and see that 3-rail white vinyl fence is popular and commonly recommended however I am looking for a solid fence that will keep debris out. Anyone have any recommendations for a sturdy, economical, and aesthetically pleasing solid fence?


Not sure what black 48” chain link fence would look like for your park but it looks great around my pool. Less noticeable than the galvanized and if your looking for something to catch debris chain link is probably the way to go unless you do 3 rail and chicken wire for the bottom rail to ground? Also maybe a suggestion…not sure what type of crosswinds fence will see…but I recently put up about 400’ of fencing and used a product called Sika polyurethane post hole filler. It’s pretty stable as long as you set posts around 30” in ground and make sure they are centered in the foam. It’s easier than using cement if your doing yourself


3 rail fencing will not keep out debris. However, the ultimate decision will be based on what type of park you have and what you want to spend. I have never used vinyl fencing, not even for esthetics. Its more expensive and never had a need to spend that much. By the time the wood fencing begins to look ugly, you are probably not going to be owning the park anyways.


Unless you’re doing several other “park pimping” activities, I would repair the chain link fence…