​Facebook Posts and Ads to Fill Lots in a Small Town


The prospect of multiple vacancies at the same time in small tow mobile home park led us to exploring more Facebook posts/ads. I ended up listening to a few podcasts and watched a few videos about marketing that opened my eyes to how valuable Facebook can be for either buying, selling, or renting mobile homes. I suspect the FB local sales groups happen to fit the demographics of the customers I target. As of now, I am mostly looking to sell a few mobile homes, owner financed. The response has been encouraging enough that I wanted to ask others about this. Too much to share in one post, so I decided to write a ​blog.

What about you guys? Are you posting on the FB local groups? Are you using FB paid advertising?


Pretty new at this, i just glanced at your post ( specifically the first one) on a recent facbeook ad i tried to boost. Facebook said there was too much text in the ad so wasn’t getting as good of responses as it should . Thats the only thing I have to add. Topic of interest to me , thanks for sharing.


I have used Facebook as my sole advertising for the past year. Works awesome! I keep it simple and post OFTEN in multiple local groups. Any place that I know local people go to regularly.


Look who else is using Facebook…this was in my feed.


@Marvel_Equity, great point about “too much text.” I didn’t have any problems with too much text as long as I was posting in the local groups. This became an issue only after I used paid advertising. The second picture in the blog was more to FB’s liking.

Also, from listening to some podcasts, I understand it is best to not use the “boost” function. People recommend that you start an ad from scratch. It may be that by starting from scratch you go thru the proper recommended steps.

@Jsmith it seems to me that local groups are an excellent resource. Have you tried paid advertising at all?


@Jeros, No, I have only used the free ads and have gotten to the goal of 80% occupied in past year and a half. The next step in my plan when I hit this level of occupancy was to put in POHs either to rent or sell to raise my monthly income, although the past few days I am considering selling. (I am into construction and real estate so rehabs do not scare me off. ) I have a unique situation with my park in that the location has become more valuable and that is expected to continue for the next few years due to area growth. If I sell I could use the money to invest in park(s) elsewhere. Decisions, decisions, right?


I never pay for ads on FB, but I use the free garage sale groups with excellent results. I often get 10-20 responses within a day. FB now gives me better free results then CL. The switch seemed to happen about 2 years ago for me.