Excel spreadsheet template to share?


Hello, does anyone have an excel spreadsheet template they’d be willing to share? Getting ready to start accounting on the new park.

Thanks, I can Provide my email to anyone willing to help


Anyone? I’d appreciate it.


I think most people are using rent manager or park manager. I would check out some of these programs prior to committing to doing some type of excel based thing. We use rent manager in our parks. Before I got into the park business, I did my SFH’s through excel. I, for one, am glad I don’t do that anymore.


We are one of those people using Rent Manager, as well.


By “excel spreadsheet” for accounting, do you mean a “chart of accounts?” Or something to track rents?

Something other than that?

I’d be happy to share my chart of accounts (but it’s not in Excel). PM me for it, if you like. We use Rent Manager (for rent management) but Quickbooks (for accounting).



I was under the impression RM was a full-service program. Is the accounting part just a PITA to use compared to QB? Or did you already buy QB Desktop, so continuing to use it doesn’t cost you any extra money anyway?


Brandon, thank you. I’m just looking for ideas to start a spreadsheet covering rents, late fees, etc. Just something to go by when making a spreadsheet.

I’d rather do it right the first time instead of having to go back and alter the spreadsheet several times.
Anything you have would be appreciated.


Sorry Coach, I don’t have a rent-roll spreadsheet to share. We use RM for rent “accounting.”

kg2, I don’t use the accounting part of RM because … well I just don’t want to. QB works well enough, and is an industry standard. Use the right tool for the job.



If you can get a copy of the rent roll from rent manager, just go off of that and set up in excel.
It works great for me. One file for each property and a new tab within for each month and other info.
I use quicken for accounting. I know this is very dated but it works and easy to manage.


Thanks Brian, That’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a copy of this I’d really appreciate it.


I have used one that I created and willing to share. Email me, northriver.nw@frontier.com


Sent you an email, thank you


I would be grateful if you or Northgate MHP (or anyone really) would share the template with me please. My email is ParksPlus4@gmail.com. Thank you!


I am a retired corporate database programmer. I did a lot of DBs. And, I’ve done tons of Excel and Access stuff. I am currently writing my own distributed, internet, client-server MHP software system. The same code base supports a desktop or PC version and intranet and internet. The client does not run in a browser. It’s a regular EXE program. I have tested tested this good on Windows XP and up - every Win OS, except 8. I’m building this using a cross-platform compiler that supports Windows, Linux, and Mac.
I just started implementing an accrual accounting system into the system. I’ve read tons about accounting have a firm grasp on the core concepts. I don’t have a good chart of accounts. If you’d like to share yours, I’ll share my MHP system with you when it’s ready to release.


I never received the one I requested. If you find one, I’d love to learn about it