Evictions -- Alabama

Hi – We are working toward closing on a park in Alabama and were told that a “legal entity” like an LLC can not file for eviction (i.e., file a law suit) without using an attorney. Does anyone know if that is indeed true? If so, the costs of eviction would be much higher. On our other park, located in another state, we simply file online for a flat fee of $85, and then have to pay the sheriff $60 for servicing, then pay our manager $50 to show up at the hearing and we can get the tenant out for lack of paying rent within about 6 weeks total. Total cost of an eviction under $200. In Alabama, if we have to use an attorney, the cost per eviction would be over $1000. Please comment if you know any details of the laws in Alabama. Thanks.

I own a park in Alabama but since I live in Florida I’m not even going to attempt to handle the process myself. My attorney said they have a flat fee of $250 for evictions. I hope this helps.

What attorney? I am in need of one in Alabama.