Electronic rent payments

I have a smaller park about 2 hours away. Half of the tenants are paying via Rentigo and other than the long delay for payments to clear it has worked well.

The other half pay rent and water directly to a local bank . They write their lot numbers on the deposit ticket and the bank sporadically sends me scans of the tickets. Clumsy and not timely. This branch is set to close in April so I’d like to address the issue now.

Most of the remaining tenants don’t have internet or smartphones but I would like to get them paying electronically so I have better control.

Does anyone have experience setting up the no web or smartphone tenants on a remote payment system? Or should I go back to mailing checks?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

We use a local bank account as well, but their online functionality allows me to see the deposit slip online within 24 hours of the deposit. Is there another bank available in town that could give you this functionality?