Ductile Iron Water Lines


In contract on new deal. They went above and beyond on the build-out it seems. Water lines are ductile iron which connect to copper service lines. Sewer is PVC. Park built in 1978. Based on some google searches, it appears ductile iron is far better than cast iron, but I haven’t seen too much wrt MHPs. Also don’t see it mentioned in the F&D materials. Anyone have any experience with ductile iron?

Thank you


Ductile iron is pretty much the Cadillac of mainline material in water distribution. The only exception is if the mainline is burried in corrosive soils like clay. The other issue would be with corrosive (sub 7 ph, low alkalinity) water then the would need to be treated to change the corrosion profile. Copper service laterals suffer from the issues listed above as well.


Regardless if it’s the “Cadillac” of pipes or not, it’s been in the ground for 40 years and it’s a ferrous metal with a finite life. Better check it out, see how often he’s had to have sections repaired or replaced.


They claim to never even have had a leak… Built 6" below frost line (36 vs 30). Is this impossible?


From what I’ve seen you’re corrosion issues are just as likely to happen on the interior of the pipe. I used to work for a municipality and we repaired alot of ductile iron. The inside would have heavy build up or tuberculation which seriously restricted flow, this is where most if not all of our leaks started. The pipe would look absolutely perfect until we cut the leaking section out and were able to see the inside. I’m not saying this is the case here but just my experience, it will vary significantly with water properties and soil types. Our biggest issues were from ductile iron main lines, flared copper service lines and clay tile sewer.