Does any maintenance men ever get hired off here?


I am on like 5 of these mobile home forums sites and not once have I ever been contacted by anyone…any ideas as to whether this is the place to look for work?


Maybe you can provide a little more information about yourself , i.e. , what are you looking to do, experience, what area are you in…

Theres a lot of people here active in the space so it might be worth your time to post a well written ad addressing some of your qualifications.


We are always looking for good maintenance people. Where are you located? What maintenance experience do you have specifically with parks?


I am 57, married to high school sweetheart, have 37 yrs experience in mobile home, multi family housing, Section 8 readiness, HUD & single family. In the last 4+ yrs I have taken a pool course, A/C trouble shooting ( not licensed though), have gone to fair housing classes and Section 8 updating classes.Very well versed in electrical, plumbing, sewer & trouble shooting problems.Self starter and like working alone but I do play well with others.Currently in Arizona and it seems here the turn over for maintenance people is real high due to a right to work state, 2 positions I’ve been in have been given to others willing to work for less pay.I have almost every tool for any job I have done everything from basic maintenance to complete remodel. Being in the rental segment I have found out that you don’t put big $$$ into a rental just to have it ruined by uncaring tenants. Looking for an onsite position somewhere in Idaho, Washington state, Wyoming or Montana.We are not drinkers or drug users, we smoke but outside & not in our home. We have 2 dogs, ( 1s a documented service animal) 4# and a 60#, and a 13 yr old cat. All have been neutered, spayed, microchipped, tags and very well socialized. This is just a summary of the job experience and a little about us


I know one guy hired a manager off of