Do anyone new MHP owner challenge the city law ban on mfg home & re-zoning?


Hello! I am wondering if there anyone out there have great success with city overturn the old law bans on mfg or mobile homes or got certain special re-zoning land use to create new small MHP?

I am currently fighting with City of Basalt (Idaho) for my rights to have 3 new mobile homes was recent add to my property and one existing mobile home is “grandfather.” I have to attend meeting in City of Basalt with 4 councils, 1 mayor, and 1 clerk. This Oct 11th 2018.

It seem that City of Basalt (Can be considered illegal discrimination according to HUD website) really hate on specific with mfg homes are banned forever and not even allowed anyone living in Basalt to buy inexpensive mfg home brand new.

But strange part it didn’t not said anything about mobile homes (Pre HUD before 1976)

I was wondering if anyone here have great experience and have wonderful inputs to help me to get more chance of success of wining the case at meeting?


I know that there are several states that have had cases go to their highest court and have sided with the mobile home park. Mississippi, the state I live and operate in, just did recently. There is an article by Frank Rolfe on this site about it.


Great! Good to know someone out there did wins the mobile home park. I am trying find the article and if you don’t mind put link or where I can find the articles?


I went meeting yesterday and seem they still want rid all my single wide mobile homes and refusing consider rezoning as mobile home park. Still I need to attend one more meeting for final. Looks like I need get back up lawyer to sue them if they start fines on me for just having mobile homes sit on my property even nobody live in yet. it seem so unconstitution bans on inexpensive mhs or mfg homes but allowing unlimited RVs, trailer campers, cabover campers, motorhomes, etc… :expressionless: What kind best type lawyer out there who usually do sue all time with any cities?


You didn’t quite explain the facts of your circumstance. You may be out of luck from what I can understand. What was the previous situation before you came into it?