Direct Mail form letter -- how does this sound?


Dear John The Owner,

My name is Ken S., and I’m a real estate investor looking to obtain my first mobile home park.

If you’re ready to retire or want to get your park off your hands, I would love to discuss purchasing your park from you.

I’m local to the area and can meet you at your convenience. Even if you’re not ready to sell, I would still like to meet you and ask you about your experience as a mobile home park owner.

Please call me at 123-456-7890 or email me at to set up a time to talk.

Best Regards,

Ken Swearengen

p.s. If you’re not quite ready to sell, is it okay to contact you again in a few months to see where you’re at? If you do decide to sell in the future, please keep me in mind and feel free to reach out to me when you feel the time is right. Again, my phone number is 123-456-7890 and my email address is


Gotta make it stand out a bit more. Tell them why they should call YOU and not the other 10 people.


Great point – do you have any suggestions? As a motivated local buyer I’m sure I can offer a more personalized service, but trying to think of other things as well.


If you’re local, emphasize the fact that you’re in a better position to tend to the park’s tenants, than some out-of-towner who flies in once per year. I always like to stress good tenant relations to the sellers, who probably have a strong relationship with them.


That’s a great point – thanks!