Delinquent lot rent after a home is sold


We have an older 1970s home that the resident is behind on rent on for $1100 and we’re pretty far along on the eviction process.

The resident is about to sell the home.

Do you just waive the $1100, or try to collect it from the home purchaser?


What I do is not approve the buyer until the back rent is paid. This prevents the sale of the home and you can then work out some deal to have the new buyer pay the back rent or the seller pay so that the sale can go forward.
You are at this point in time in complete control as not approving the buyer and refusing to sign a lease will prevent them from living in the community. They can own the home they simply can not live in it.
Make sure you have CASH in hand before you approve any buyer.


Hello Noel.

According to what I have learned from the Mobile Home Park University, the back rent would be charged to the new home buyer. The rent is associated with the lot and not the home. I would make sure that the new owner was aware that they would also be responsible for the back rent if they purchase the home.

If anyone has any other thoughts, please correct me.