Cost to run Wells & Lift Stations


Does anyone have an idea what it might cost per month (electricity) to run a couple of wells and lift stations? Is it an immaterial amount or are we talking $500+ per month?


How many homes? What size are the pumps?


Two wells, 55 sites, one lift station.


Lots of variables i.e how deep are the wells, are there booster pumps, elevation lift station has to push the sewer , is power single or 3 phase, but my guess is $300 to $500 per month.


We were running 120 sites with two wells plus chemicals $200 per month. We were computerized and could control off site and knew 100% of the time what was happening even if we were out of the country. A different park we are presently operating 50 sites plus chemicals less than $125 per month.


This helps a bunch, thanks guys!


What system did you use to monitor remotely?


Look at Yakamine water control systems VFD. Most pump installers know the details but in general there is a lot of deep technical information that will make little sense to most people. We put in an entirely new system since our water district was charging for each home we had on the system and would not just charge for the gallons of usage (monthly cost of $5,000) We used attorneys but to no avail so our water cost with the new system is less than $300 per month or paid for it self in less than 2 years!!! The city loss their biggest single revenue for water and of course we were the bad guys—sometimes as owner we have to make difficult decisions and operate a smart business–our water quality is better than city’s.