Converting from wastewater treatment plant to septic tanks?


just bought a 22 pad park it had a ndps permit expire date of 2022 for the wwtp but the last owner of park pulled the lift station pump and left this thing in despair. Its missing one of the air raider motors and from the looks of all the paper work this thing seems to be a nightmare to operate.
has anyone went from a out dated waste water treatment plant to just septic tanks in ground and a leech feild?
having trouble finding a ball park figure cost and size of tanks for 15 homes to start and max 22 homes.


There is usually a reason why treatment plant was put in verses tank and drain field. Usually a drain field was not feasible: i.e. water table to high, soil to wont take water high clay content, no area for drain field, soil drains too fast. What is happening with the treated water under the current set up?


Grey water gets chlorinated then decolonization and ran into a creek, I think the counties here in Indiana were on a kick back in the 90’s forcing parks to put in treatment plants now the health dept wants them shutdown :man_facepalming:t2: They told me I could cap the top of tanks and run a drain field but park is so small may not be an option…


My community has one tank for every 5 homes. Seniors’ community with max 2 persons per home. I have 33 homes, two lift stations pumping to a central tank and that pumps to my leach bed. It was all in place prior to me buying in 2008 so not sure what the cost would be to install, but was told about 100K in the mid 90s. I have no guarantee that number is accurate.
Any qualified septic installer should be able to give you a accurate estimate.


ill post an update for future references, im looking into cutting cost because even with 2 bigger tanks and the leech field sewer pipes renting the proper dozer to dig it shouldn’t be any more than 20k definitely no where near 80-100k thats contractors taking advantage of park owners.
ive already cut major cost in tearing 13 old homes down it only cost me 300$ each where as typically would cost 2-3k for disposal…


How did you tear down homes for $300? I usually get a good deal but this is crazy low.


I’ll let you in on the”resourceful” trick, first off I have a hydraulic dump trailer takes about 3(5 with a huge house) trips at 28-30ish$ per load to haul the insulation and drywall, the wood framing throughout gets burnt in a campfire sized pit I’ve blocked in, secondly the labor, I find unfortunates needing money and eager to work and offer them a deal if they tear down the house they get to keep the scrap as labor pay(comes to about 500$ with frame!so they have to even get the deck to get the 250$ from frame) then to make sure they clean the lot, I offer 200$ once the lot is fully cleaned. I’ve done a lot of homes at this point and almost got all my junk homes cleared out of my park at only out of pocket cost of around 300-500$ at the most per house. And they cleaned every lot! Now I’m ready for vinyl shingles