Concrete maintenance


I’m looking to buy a park that has pretty rough concrete sidewalks.

Beyond getting rid of the weeds, does anyone have any advice on asphalt maintenance? Should I just kill the weeds and leave the dirt in the crack and then kill the weeds every once in a while? Or would it best to clean out the crack and try and apply a sealer to keep any dirt from getting in? I’d imagine this latter option would be the ‘best’ but it’s sure a lot of work and I’m not sure if it’s worth it on an older mobile home park.


Sidewalks need to be good solid surfaces. While the surface from the picture looks level, i would consider replacing whatever sections are damaged instead of trying to mend whats there. Thats obviously the most expensive solution and may not be practical.

If a tenant should ever trip/fall etc. I think they have grounds for a claim. <----- been there done that so thats why my opinion might be overly cautious…