Competition for best yard?


Has anyone ever run a competition for the best yard?

I have a retired manager who’s super serious about his job, and asked to start producing a newsletter each month (which I edit to make sure it’s not terrible)

One idea we had was to run a competition for the best yard, with the winner getting a $50 gift card. Has anyone done anything like this, and if so how did you structure it? (run just once a season? Just have the manager pick the best yard?)


I did a best Holiday Decoration once. Winner got a $50 Walmart gift card. I just set the rules as decorations must be in place by a specified date and must be on during judging period of a set date. I got outside people to do the judging and made their decisions final.


one park we were involved with did that. another one brought in a load of mulch and dropped it to residents around the park as requested, to encourage yard work. if you do the contest, you could even ask lowes or home depot to judge, you buy the gift card… this could promote good will with your local suppliers.