Collect Rent Online- or Paylease

Is anyone using or do they have opinions?

Brief summary is that for the landlord it is $2 per payment for 1-5, then $1 each past that.

It’s $3.95 for the tenant to pay. Bank account payments are free. 2.85% for credit or debit payments.

Payments are made through Moneygram which is CVS and Walmart.

Seems like an inexpensive way to avoid a manager touching anything or mail-in issues.

I looked at Paylease before but i remember it being a bit more expensive.

Has anyone had any issues with this company, or paylease?


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Also interested in hearing the forums opinions on in-person to online payment conversion programs like Paylease and schedule my rent. We are using TenantCloud which allows free bank transfers through Dwolla. works well although the processing time is pretty slow, usually 5 to 7 days between tenant issuing payment and it hitting our bank account.

I’d be very interested in a somewhat universal in-person to online conversion program which could work with other PM software besides RentManager, if anyone hears of something like that.

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We have a 52 pad/47 unit park that we just purchased and selected ScheduleMyRent for rent collection. The two biggest selling factors for us on it were: 1) being able to accept cash at MoneyGram locations (CVS, Walmart), and 2) the low cost. ScheduleMyRent lacks in external integrations compared to the bigger software packages and isn’t as slick as something like but for us it works well as a rent collection tool.

One other big feature of ScheduleMyRent is their support team. I believe the owner himself is the one that triages support tickets and is usually very responsive to questions or other inquiries. We’ve had a great experience thus far.

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That’s great feedback! Thanks!