Can you paint used vinyl Skirting?



I have recently tried to save a little money by reusing some vinyl skirting around a revamped home. There are some color differences and MAN it was tough cutting and re-cutting trying to find the right size, etc not sure it is worth it! Now I have a lot of work into putting the skirting around the home but I need to paint it to have it look decent.

Can vinyl skirting be painted? My experience in the past with painting plastic has not been good, it peels and flakes. Is there a special paint?

Advice would be appreciated.



Wow! No one out there ever try painting vinyl skirting? This is the longest I have every had with no response.



Have painted several with decent grade latex and no problems to date, bleached the underpinning first with 50/50 bleach water in a garden sprayer followed by a quick rinse and a good while to dry. To date have not had any problems but only been about 6 months or so and can’t make any promises… using extra paint to paint mismatched underpinning and saving $400 sounded good to me so that’s what I did. That’s my 2 cents for what they’re worth.

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Ryan Needler


I have never heard of anyone painting vinyl. Have heard of a special spray paint for plastics but the cost is probably high. More power to you if you can do it.

Would like to see how this holds up over time.



I haven’t done it myself but have seen in on several homes I’ve bought. I know Sherwin Williams makes a paint specifically for vinyl siding so I’ll bet that would work. If it were me and I was insistent on re-using skirting that needed painted, I’d probably just use a good oil-based paint and call it good. Unless you lay shingles or put 4x4’s or something else under the bottom track it’s all trashed from weed-eaters and other damage in a few years anyway.

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Hello all, I have been reading on this subject, me and my husband have been wondering the same thing, our home had white vinyl skirting, would have been fine if the house wasn’t seven feet in air, that’s a lot of white. So while staining the wood sides on my hot tub also staining the steps to match, realizing they are plastic/vinyl I ask my husband who is a professional painter would this product work on the skirting he said won’t hurt to try, so I started the task of painting the skirting, the product we used was Olympic solid stain… the steps get a lot of use and no signs of wear the skirting has been dark gray for over a year now and it has soaked right into the vinyl with no pealing or flaking, I’m assuming because this product is made to flex with wood it handles the flex in vinyl, we also did our shutters to match, hope this wasn’t to wordy and you can understand my writing