Can I move a lot as long as I am under the total count?


Looking at a park with 10 really small lots plus 30 of decent size.

I could combine them to make 5 decent size lots.

Then could I move the other 5 to nearby land? I would not have to builds a road, just extend the water/sewer and get the provider to move the electrical.

Park can legally have 40 lots so that would not change.

Anything wrong with this plan?


Actually may have decent merit. The only thing you have to be aware of is knowing that you are going to lose income and (potential equity) of the other 5 lots… Most people weren’t doing this but perhaps this was your plan when buying initially.


The 5 lots I would be losing can probably only take a 45 foot home or an RV anyway.


I personally would rather keep the lots if you can get the right size homes in there if its reasonably acceptable to have them in there.

Do you have a specific reason you want to scrap the lots?

I would def read through the city code and ( and state governing body) to make sure there are no issues as well but i have not seen this be an issue of being below the lot count the park was licensed for.


I will add, researching at least one state, it requires a certain process and procedure of what must be done to “abandon” a site and may require an application update… So i would def dig into this further to make sure you are compliant.