Campgrounds or MHPs or RV Parks?: AutoCamp/Getaway Business Models


There are an increasing number of people purchasing campgrounds/RV Parks/MHPs and turning into higher end vacation destinations. The two I know of are AutoCamp and

My question is this: would they be buying MHPs, Campgrounds or RV Parks? and why?

Thanks. I think super interesting concept that still has opportunity.



This model seems less dependent on zoning in many cases, so I’d be curious how many properties are well suited for this type of conversion…rather than just develop from scratch? The economics are compelling in the right market.


Could you explain your point a bit more. Getaway appears to have tiny homes while AutoCamp are essentially RVs?

Would a MHP zone allow short term?

Would RV zone allow permanent fixture?


In my opinion… RV parks and campgrounds require a whole lot more hands on management than a MHC where people pay monthly and are permanent residents. RV parks and campgrounds require 24/7 management and amenities that MHC don’t require also so the expenses are higher. The income is tourist based so not a solid stable monthly income. Winter Texan seasons here are good some years and lean others. They want activities, discounts and a lot of attention. Can you ride out the lean times and off seasons?


My interpretation of the business model is that “you’re getting out of town, and we’re going to make it easy and luxurious for you.” This is not what you find in the big city, and zoning ordinances associated with it… note all the pictures show dense forests (e.g. 600 year old Sequoia) and lush greenery in their “parks.”

The ideal pieces of land don’t seem like they would not be in town…maybe I am wrong. Zones don’t apply in those instances.


Do you want to operate a resort or hotel?


I’m not 100% against it. Yes, I like the concept of mobile home parks and the lesser management. I also think the resort/hotel space has a lot of automation on the way/in progress (ie AirBnB hotels/buildings).