Buy the tax liens on the mobiles in your own park?

I’ve been reviewing all my homes taxes to make sure everyone is caught up and of course a few of them are NOT! A few are over $1k behind. I really don’t want to eventually lose homes due to county foreclosure, nor do I feel like lending the tenant money with a promissory note on a home he isn’t the official owner of record on anyway.

Has anyone ever purchased the tax lien from the county and then held it a year and if still unpaid try to take a senior position as lien holder and then foreclose it to get the title?

Hi @TexasMHP. I am new to this business but your post wasn’t clear. Im just curious…are the homes yours (since you say “reviewing all my homes taxes”)? If they are not, then are they not in the tenants name because they never got the title?

They are not my homes. And no, the tenants have bought and sold homes amongst each other for 20+ years and do not have an official title.

thank you for clarifying

I’m about to try that with a home in one of my parks. Get a tax deed and just evict the previous owner, who is of course a deadbeat that hasn’t paid rent either for months , thanks covid BS

Actually interested in more thoughts on this - I also have tenants who are behind on their tax payments on their homes. How are more experienced operator handling this?